At Best Catering and Events, we love hosting events at one of our seven on-site venues. But did you know that we’re not just an events space? We also offer world-class catering thanks to the team at our restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar.

In addition to our on-site catering at our many event spaces, off-site catering is another option we hope you’ll consider.

On-Site Business Lunches

Think about your next on-site business meeting that spans the lunch hour. How have you handled these in the past? Do you dismiss everyone for a lunch hour where everyone rushes out for take-out? Maybe you bring in pizza or sandwich platters from the grocery store.

We submit there’s a better way.

Catering Business Lunches Keeps Your Team Together

When you “break for lunch,” the team scatters. Everyone disengages from the task at hand (not to mention from each other). When you resume, you’ve got to get everyone back on board. You may even have to wait for stragglers who got stuck with bad service or hit traffic.

When you cater in, you keep the momentum going. Team members will naturally keep communicating during lunch, strengthening relationships. You may even be able to keep working while people eat.

Better Food Speaks Volumes

What is your team worth to you? When you get them lukewarm pizza, you’re communicating something. The same goes for cold sandwiches.

Here’s the truth: better food speaks volumes. If you want to communicate that you value your team, then spring for innovative, delicious on-site catering from a restaurant that cooks real food.

Don’t settle for something basic for your next business lunch. By ordering on-site catering, you’ll impress your staff — not to mention vendors or clients — much more. And you’ll get a great lunch, too.