So it’s early December. You go to a meeting at work. Someone asks you: “Hey, how’s the planning for the company holiday party going?”

You blink for a moment, and it hits you. Planning the party was your responsibility this year, and you’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare.

What happens next? Are you doomed to a Michael Scott-level office party disaster? Limited to red and green cupcakes and big box store decorations?

Absolutely not! Here at Best Catering and Events, it’s not too late to book an epic off-site holiday party for your office or business.

Venues for Every Size Group (and Budget)

When you partner with Best Catering and Events for your holiday party, you gain access to venues of every size and price point, throughout our FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar and the broader SilverLakes property.

If you’re a small business with fewer than 50 people attending, rent a private room in our restaurant for a great holiday meal courtesy of the company. If your crowd is slightly larger, consider our FieldHouse Courtyard or FieldHouse Veranda spaces, perfect for groups up to 100 and 250, respectively.

And if you’re responsible for a massive, company-wide shindig at a larger corporation, we’ve got you covered with spaces ranging from 350 to 8,000 guests. Whatever you need, chances are we can accommodate you.

Space Is Filling Fast

It’s not too late to book a holiday event, but you don’t want to wait any longer. The holidays are rapidly approaching, and our event spaces are filling quickly. We still have available spaces throughout much of the holiday season, but contact us right away to reserve your optimal date and venue.