Winter Wedding in SoCal? Here's What You Need to Know

Here at Best Catering and Events, we love weddings! And winter weddings are something particularly special. Of course, winter weddings can bring some complications, but with proper planning we’re confident you can pull off the winter wedding of your dreams. If you’re planning a winter wedding in Southern California, here’s what you need to know.

Weather: Not Cold, But Colder

One of the great things about Southern California is the weather. It’s pretty nice almost all the time here! You don’t need to worry about your winter wedding getting snowed out.

That said, January and February are two of the coldest months of the year for us. Expect daily highs around 68 degrees, according to the NOAA, with lows around 40.

Also, if you’re not from around here, please understand that the locals find these temperatures quite cold!

One more tip about the weather: on average it rains about 5 days out of the month in January. Not too high, but higher than most of the year. If you’re planning a winter wedding, it’s best to have a rain contingency. (Several of our venues give you access to indoor spaces, by the way!)

Lean into Guest Expectations

It’s important to take care of your guests’ expectations at your winter wedding. In short, they don’t want to be cold. If you’re planning for an outdoor event—especially if your wedding will extend into the evening—provide options for warmth.

One easy option is outdoor warmers, and we provide those for our clients. You could also consider providing blankets or throws that match the theme of your wedding (flannels and tartans are really cool!). A warm beverage bar is another nice touch.

Ready to Book?

If you’re ready to book a winter wedding, contact one of our experts to learn how we can serve you.

Better Than Take-Out: Why You Should Cater Your Next On-Site Business Lunch

At Best Catering and Events, we love hosting events at one of our seven on-site venues. But did you know that we’re not just an events space? We also offer world-class catering thanks to the team at our restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar.

In addition to our on-site catering at our many event spaces, off-site catering is another option we hope you’ll consider.

On-Site Business Lunches

Think about your next on-site business meeting that spans the lunch hour. How have you handled these in the past? Do you dismiss everyone for a lunch hour where everyone rushes out for take-out? Maybe you bring in pizza or sandwich platters from the grocery store.

We submit there’s a better way.

Catering Business Lunches Keeps Your Team Together

When you “break for lunch,” the team scatters. Everyone disengages from the task at hand (not to mention from each other). When you resume, you’ve got to get everyone back on board. You may even have to wait for stragglers who got stuck with bad service or hit traffic.

When you cater in, you keep the momentum going. Team members will naturally keep communicating during lunch, strengthening relationships. You may even be able to keep working while people eat.

Better Food Speaks Volumes

What is your team worth to you? When you get them lukewarm pizza, you’re communicating something. The same goes for cold sandwiches.

Here’s the truth: better food speaks volumes. If you want to communicate that you value your team, then spring for innovative, delicious on-site catering from a restaurant that cooks real food.

Don’t settle for something basic for your next business lunch. By ordering on-site catering, you’ll impress your staff — not to mention vendors or clients — much more. And you’ll get a great lunch, too.

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

A well-executed outdoor wedding can be a joy to attend. Here at Best Catering and Events in Southern California, we have the perk of great weather pretty much all year round. But what other aspects might you need to plan for?

Cover: Consider It

Whether you’re concerned about rain or merely the hot sun, it’s always a good idea to consider cover for your wedding— especially for the reception area. Coverings can be done in a very elegant fashion and can add to the mood of your space.

Check to see if your venue offers shaded areas or tent rentals. Several of our spaces do offer cover, by the way.

Footwear: Think Safety First

As you walk down the aisle or through your reception area, the last thing you want to worry about are your stiletto heels sinking into the ground. Plan proper footwear that includes a chunky heel, wedge or even flats. This way you’ll greatly increase both your mobility and your peace of mind on your big day.

Transportation: Plan for All Guests

In planning your event, keep in mind that some outdoor locations may be difficult for certain guests to access. Scope out pathways and distances with your elderly and disabled guests in mind. Check with your venue to see if they offer a golf cart to transport guests with extra needs.

Looking for a Stunning Outdoor Location?

Best Catering and Events is pleased to offer you not one, but six beautiful outdoor locations for your wedding! Whether you’re looking for a more intimate indoor/outdoor space like The FieldHouse Veranda or a wide-open green space like The Village Greens, Best Catering and Events has a setup that you will love.

We partner with our on-site restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar, to bring you sophisticated fare that will have your guests talking about your reception for weeks afterwards.

If you’re interested in booking your event, contact us today!

Upcoming Wedding? Let Us Take Care of Everything

If you’re planning an upcoming wedding in Southern California, you’ve got plenty on your mind. The process is maddeningly complicated, no matter how small you intend to keep the ceremony. You have to find a venue of course, but that’s just the start. There are countless other details to sort out, like the caterer and the decorator and the DJ. And the list goes on.

Here’s an audacious suggestion: why not forget about most of that and let Best Catering and Events handle everything for you? (Well, almost everything. We can’t find your spouse for you, and you’re on your own for a minister.)

What Sets Us Apart?

We get it. We’re not the only events space in town. There are plenty of events spaces out there. So why are we so confident you should book with us? What sets us apart?

A Different Level of All-In Service

With many events venues, your booking fee gets you just one thing: a particular space on a particular date. But with us, it’s different. We provide a different level of all-in service. With so many spaces and setups available, you can get a customized furniture setup for your space. Whether bistro tables or formal reception tables are your style, we’ve got you covered. Our size also allows us to staff events generously, something boutique operations can’t match.

You’ll also have access to outdoor space heaters if you need them, and most of our spaces come equipped with advanced A/V capability.

No need to book one space for the ceremony and another for the reception. Many of our venues offer space for both in one.

Legendary Catering

In addition to our stellar all-in service, we also have legendary catering available. When you book your wedding with us, you gain access to the stellar catering available through our on-site restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar. Our catering team will create a memorable menu that will please the pickiest guests.