Hosting an Event for Your Sports Teams? We've Got the Perfect Spaces

Are you a coach or an athletic staff member responsible for planning an event for your sports teams? Sports events can be tricky, but Best Catering and Events is perfectly situated to host them. Here are a few reasons why.

The Right Level of Formality

Sports events, like awards programs or team banquets, can be tricky because the level of formality is confusing. Depending on the nature of your organization and the event you’re throwing, a formal dinner at the country club might just be too much. But on the other side of the coin, simply setting up some tables in your gym might be far too casual.

Best Catering and Events has the solution, no matter your desired level of formality. With seven event spaces to choose from and a variety of setup options, we can meet you where you want to be.

Access to Playing Surface

At a gala or banquet, your players are coming all dressed up. But that’s not necessarily the case for all events. If you’re hosting an event where some attendees will be demonstrating their abilities, you need access to a playing surface or green space. You likely also want access to an indoor space for the event itself.

Here, too, we’ve got you covered. Several of our spaces boast an indoor event space with access to an outdoor green space. And because we’re partnered with the SilverLakes complex, we have plenty of athletic field surface to go around.

Spaces that Understand Athletes

Let’s be real: athletes can sometimes be a different breed than the groups that typically rent event spaces. Some space owners don’t really “get” athletes. They may not even like them! But again, because we’re connected to a sports complex, you can be assured we speak the language of sports and athletics. It’s in our DNA!