Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

A well-executed outdoor wedding can be a joy to attend. Here at Best Catering and Events in Southern California, we have the perk of great weather pretty much all year round. But what other aspects might you need to plan for?

Cover: Consider It

Whether you’re concerned about rain or merely the hot sun, it’s always a good idea to consider cover for your wedding— especially for the reception area. Coverings can be done in a very elegant fashion and can add to the mood of your space.

Check to see if your venue offers shaded areas or tent rentals. Several of our spaces do offer cover, by the way.

Footwear: Think Safety First

As you walk down the aisle or through your reception area, the last thing you want to worry about are your stiletto heels sinking into the ground. Plan proper footwear that includes a chunky heel, wedge or even flats. This way you’ll greatly increase both your mobility and your peace of mind on your big day.

Transportation: Plan for All Guests

In planning your event, keep in mind that some outdoor locations may be difficult for certain guests to access. Scope out pathways and distances with your elderly and disabled guests in mind. Check with your venue to see if they offer a golf cart to transport guests with extra needs.

Looking for a Stunning Outdoor Location?

Best Catering and Events is pleased to offer you not one, but six beautiful outdoor locations for your wedding! Whether you’re looking for a more intimate indoor/outdoor space like The FieldHouse Veranda or a wide-open green space like The Village Greens, Best Catering and Events has a setup that you will love.

We partner with our on-site restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar, to bring you sophisticated fare that will have your guests talking about your reception for weeks afterwards.

If you’re interested in booking your event, contact us today!