Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

A well-executed outdoor wedding can be a joy to attend. Here at Best Catering and Events in Southern California, we have the perk of great weather pretty much all year round. But what other aspects might you need to plan for?

Cover: Consider It

Whether you’re concerned about rain or merely the hot sun, it’s always a good idea to consider cover for your wedding— especially for the reception area. Coverings can be done in a very elegant fashion and can add to the mood of your space.

Check to see if your venue offers shaded areas or tent rentals. Several of our spaces do offer cover, by the way.

Footwear: Think Safety First

As you walk down the aisle or through your reception area, the last thing you want to worry about are your stiletto heels sinking into the ground. Plan proper footwear that includes a chunky heel, wedge or even flats. This way you’ll greatly increase both your mobility and your peace of mind on your big day.

Transportation: Plan for All Guests

In planning your event, keep in mind that some outdoor locations may be difficult for certain guests to access. Scope out pathways and distances with your elderly and disabled guests in mind. Check with your venue to see if they offer a golf cart to transport guests with extra needs.

Looking for a Stunning Outdoor Location?

Best Catering and Events is pleased to offer you not one, but six beautiful outdoor locations for your wedding! Whether you’re looking for a more intimate indoor/outdoor space like The FieldHouse Veranda or a wide-open green space like The Village Greens, Best Catering and Events has a setup that you will love.

We partner with our on-site restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar, to bring you sophisticated fare that will have your guests talking about your reception for weeks afterwards.

If you’re interested in booking your event, contact us today!

Upcoming Wedding? Let Us Take Care of Everything

If you’re planning an upcoming wedding in Southern California, you’ve got plenty on your mind. The process is maddeningly complicated, no matter how small you intend to keep the ceremony. You have to find a venue of course, but that’s just the start. There are countless other details to sort out, like the caterer and the decorator and the DJ. And the list goes on.

Here’s an audacious suggestion: why not forget about most of that and let Best Catering and Events handle everything for you? (Well, almost everything. We can’t find your spouse for you, and you’re on your own for a minister.)

What Sets Us Apart?

We get it. We’re not the only events space in town. There are plenty of events spaces out there. So why are we so confident you should book with us? What sets us apart?

A Different Level of All-In Service

With many events venues, your booking fee gets you just one thing: a particular space on a particular date. But with us, it’s different. We provide a different level of all-in service. With so many spaces and setups available, you can get a customized furniture setup for your space. Whether bistro tables or formal reception tables are your style, we’ve got you covered. Our size also allows us to staff events generously, something boutique operations can’t match.

You’ll also have access to outdoor space heaters if you need them, and most of our spaces come equipped with advanced A/V capability.

No need to book one space for the ceremony and another for the reception. Many of our venues offer space for both in one.

Legendary Catering

In addition to our stellar all-in service, we also have legendary catering available. When you book your wedding with us, you gain access to the stellar catering available through our on-site restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar. Our catering team will create a memorable menu that will please the pickiest guests.

Planning a Southern California Wedding? Check Us Out!

Are you recently engaged? First off, congratulations! We wish you and your significant other a lifetime of happiness together! Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to start planning the wedding, of course. And if you’re looking for an ideal Southern California wedding venue, we hope you’ll take a look at what Best Catering and Events has to offer.

We’re one of Southern California’s premier events destinations, and yes, that includes weddings. Read on to learn what makes Best Catering and Events the perfect place to celebrate your special day.

Venues to Suit Every Preference, Guest List and Budget

One of the great draws to choosing us for your wedding is the number of options we have at our disposal. Many event spaces are singular: no matter the size of your guest list or your style preferences, they have just one option.

That’s not how we roll. We have multiple venues, each with its own style, capacity and price tag. Opting for a smaller or more casual ceremony? Then the FieldHouse Veranda might be perfect for you. Looking for something more suited for a larger wedding, perhaps with an outdoor patio for the ceremony and a climate-controlled indoor space for a formal reception? You just described the FieldHouse Terrace!

Whatever your goals are for style, size and budget, we can make it happen.

Professional Service All Around

Boutique events spaces have their perks, but often they are run by an individual or family, with temp help brought in as needed. The service can be a bit lacking. Not so here at Best Catering and Events! With our size and multiple venues, we have the professional staff necessary to provide all-around professional service.

Want to Learn More?

Are you ready to learn more about hosting your wedding with Best Catering and Events? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation where you’ll learn how we can serve you.

Host Your Business’s New Year Retreat Here

How was 2019 for your business? We hope it was a fantastic year filled with new levels of success and growth. Maybe that was the case for your business and you’re looking to keep the good times rolling.

Or perhaps 2019 was a frustrating year for your organization, with its fair share of miscues and mistakes. In that case, you might be looking for a reset going into 2020.

Whether it was the best or the worst of times — or just somewhere in between — a New Year’s retreat could be just the ticket to setting up a successful 2020. If your Southern California business is considering an off-site retreat, refresher, celebration or intensive, Best Catering and Events has you covered. Hold your 2020 kickoff event here.

Venues to Match Your Size and Scope

One of the things that makes Best Catering and Events unique is the number of distinct venues we have on offer. Our spaces are roughly divided into two areas: The Village and The FieldHouse.

The FieldHouse Collection: For Groups up to 350

We can accommodate groups from 30 to 350 in a variety of spaces connected to The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar. The smallest groups can reserve a private room inside the restaurant, while groups up to 350 can enjoy The FieldHouse Terrace, our modern and rustic banquet room with its large courtyard terrace and event lawn space.

There’s also the Courtyard (up to 100 guests) and Veranda (up to 250), each with its own flavor.

The Village Collection: Up to 25,000 Guests

If The FieldHouse Collection venues aren’t big enough for you, check out our Village collection. These spaces have amenities galore and can accommodate as many as 25,000 people!

Stellar Catering from The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar

Catering at any of our spaces can be provided by our on-site restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar. Your staff will be energized by the quality, delicious offerings available.

Last-Minute Holiday Party? It’s Not Too Late to Party in Style!

So it’s early December. You go to a meeting at work. Someone asks you: “Hey, how’s the planning for the company holiday party going?”

You blink for a moment, and it hits you. Planning the party was your responsibility this year, and you’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare.

What happens next? Are you doomed to a Michael Scott-level office party disaster? Limited to red and green cupcakes and big box store decorations?

Absolutely not! Here at Best Catering and Events, it’s not too late to book an epic off-site holiday party for your office or business.

Venues for Every Size Group (and Budget)

When you partner with Best Catering and Events for your holiday party, you gain access to venues of every size and price point, throughout our FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar and the broader SilverLakes property.

If you’re a small business with fewer than 50 people attending, rent a private room in our restaurant for a great holiday meal courtesy of the company. If your crowd is slightly larger, consider our FieldHouse Courtyard or FieldHouse Veranda spaces, perfect for groups up to 100 and 250, respectively.

And if you’re responsible for a massive, company-wide shindig at a larger corporation, we’ve got you covered with spaces ranging from 350 to 8,000 guests. Whatever you need, chances are we can accommodate you.

Space Is Filling Fast

It’s not too late to book a holiday event, but you don’t want to wait any longer. The holidays are rapidly approaching, and our event spaces are filling quickly. We still have available spaces throughout much of the holiday season, but contact us right away to reserve your optimal date and venue.


Venue Spotlight: The BackYard

We’re continuing our Venue Spotlight series with a look at the largest space Best Catering and Events has to offer: The BackYard. If you want to throw an epic event for up to 8,000 guests, The BackYard is your best option anywhere in the Inland Empire.

The BackYard: The Inland Empire’s Best Kept Secret

If you’re looking for the ultimate event or festival space, come check out what’s been called the Inland Empire’s best kept secret! The BackYard truly has it all. It has acres of meticulously landscaped grounds along a lakefront that’s reserved exclusively for guests of The BackYard.

You’ll have all the lawn space you need for whatever setup you want. Whether you’re inviting vendors to set up booths, creating a kids zone with inflatables and games, or both and more, you’ll have the needed lawn space at The BackYard.

The Fort: Rustic Lakefront Bar and More

With your rental of The BackYard, you also get access to The Fort, a rustic private lakefront bar stocked with all the beverages you’ll want for your event. The Fort also includes a 20’ x 20’ elevated stage, perfect for band or other entertainment or for your event’s keynote session. The rustic deck overlooks the lake and is a highlight all its own.

Food Options Abound

For events this large, you’ll want some killer food choices. Our catering staff at The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar can craft an effective menu even for your large crowds. You can also contract with food trucks or other outside vendors to provide variety, as well.


Venue Spotlight: The Village Greens

Our Venue Spotlight series continues this week with a focus on The Village Greens. Best Catering and Events has event spaces of every shape and type, from our intimate FieldHouse Courtyard for events up to 100 people to our sprawling Village Pavilion, which can accommodate 1,000 attendees.

But what if you need even more space, or your event is a bit more active than makes sense for our other spaces? Never fear—we have a few more solutions for you to consider, including The Village Greens.

The Village Greens: Open Outdoor Space for Up to 5,000 People

The Village Greens is a massive open outdoor space that can accommodate events with as many as 5,000 attendees. It’s a perfect location for fundraisers, races, open vendor markets, company picnics or festivals, and more.

Because the space is wide open, it’s endlessly configurable. We have fencing available to divide up the space if your event calls for it, or you can keep the space wide open and let the displays, vendors, or attractions define the space.

Combine with The Village Pavilion for Covered Seating

If your large event could use some covered seating adjacent to the action, talk to us about adding The Village Pavilion to your event rental. This space (which can accommodate 1,000 guests on its own) is adjacent to The Village Greens and makes the perfect complement.

Outside Vendors, Catering or Both

With an event of this size, you have options for feeding the masses. You might elect to bring in food trucks or other vendors, or you might rely on the impressive catering options we offer through our on-site restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar.

Of course, with 5,000 guests, why not both? Give your guests options to increase the impact of your event.


Venue Spotlight: Book Our Entire Property

Rounding out our Venue Spotlight series this week, we’re going big. And we mean really big! If you’re looking to host a truly massive event—one that exceeds even our largest venue, The BackYard—we at Best Catering and Events have one more trick up our sleeve.

You can actually book the entire SilverLakes property. That’s right—the whole property, edge to edge, corner to corner. With space like this, you can host an event for as many as 25,000 people!

Regional Festivals and National Acts

25,000 people is nearly the entire population of the city of Norco! With space like this, your options are nearly endless. Renting our entire property is the perfect solution for everything from regional festivals to national concert acts.

You’ll receive the perfect mix of massive outdoor space as well as private areas, including covered and indoor spaces. You’ll have access to our private lake and The Fort, our lakeside bar, deck and stage area.

Whatever elements you want to plan, chances are we can accommodate your vision with an entire property rental.

Recent Example: Boots in the Park

We’ve had a number of entire property events since our opening, and we’ll highlight one recent example. On two occasions in 2019, we hosted Boots in the Park, a family-friendly country music festival featuring a wide range of up and coming country artists.

They were major affairs, with concerts throughout the day, food trucks and carts, activities for the kids and more.

And while we don’t really like to toot our own horn: the events were both smashing successes.

Your event might not look much like a country music festival. That’s OK. Whatever you want to do, we can bring your vision to life. Contact us today to book your event.


Venue Spotlight: The Village Pavilion

We’re continuing our spotlight series on all the event spaces Best Catering and Events has to offer in today’s post. To recap: we’ve already covered our small and medium venues. The FieldHouse Courtyard with capacity for 100 guests in an outdoor space, and our two medium venues The FieldHouse Veranda and The FieldHouse Terrace are perfect for events hosting up to 250 and 350 guests respectively.

If you need even more space or a greater amount of space flexibility, we’ve still got you covered. This week our spotlight turns to The Village Pavilion.

The Village Pavilion: Big Tent, Endless Possibilities

The Village Pavilion is a large outdoor space that includes a massive white peaked tent. With capacity for up to 1,000 people, The Village Pavilion is a versatile, configurable space that can host a wide range of events.

Dress up The Village Pavilion in the evening with mood lighting and it becomes a fantastic formal dining space. Dress it down during the day with picnic tables for a casual affair. Or take it a different direction entirely and rent it for your next vendor expo style event.

Lawn and Exterior Spaces Included

In addition to the main peaked tent, The Village Pavilion includes a sizeable outdoor lawn area—perfect for relaxing, or even inflatables for the kids. There’s also space on the patio outside the tent for a handful of additional vendors, food trucks or whatever other setups make sense for your event.

Magnificent Catering from The FieldHouse

Your event will be further enhanced if you include an all-star catering offering through our on-site restaurant, The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar. We’ll customize a menu that scales with you, no matter the size of your event.


Venue Spotlight: The FieldHouse Veranda

We’re continuing our Best Catering and Events venue spotlight series this week with a focus on The FieldHouse Veranda, one of our two medium-sized event spaces.

Last week we covered our smaller venues, The FieldHouse Courtyard (for up to 100 guests) and private rooms in The FieldHouse Restaurant (for up to 50 guests). If you’re looking for a little more space (or just a little bit more interesting of a space), The FieldHouse Veranda may be right for you.

The FieldHouse Veranda: Flexible Covered Outdoor Space for Up to 250

The FieldHouse Veranda is a unique space in our portfolio. It combines a lovely covered patio with an ample grassy lawn, giving you the best of both covered and uncovered outdoor entertaining in one venue. Outdoor heaters are available when needed, as well.

The patio space is versatile and can be arranged with café-style casual seating or with larger banquet-style white tablecloth tables. Two large flat screen TVs can be customized for the needs of your event. These high-tech displays can be configured to show multiple feeds or one large video.

A Green Space As Flexible As You

The Veranda’s green space is equally versatile. It works well for more formal events (picture a string quartet and bistro-style tables draped in white linens), and it’s equally suited for lawn chairs and corn hole tournaments. We can accommodate just about whatever your event calls for.

Catering You’ll Savor

Of course, you’ll need great food for your event, and the top-notch catering from The FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar creates a sumptuous, memorable experience for your guests.

Ready to Book Your Event?

Best Catering and Events is here to help you throw a fantastic event no matter the size of your crowd. Contact us now to discuss whether The FieldHouse Veranda or any of our other event spaces is right for your next event.